Monday Madness

Hi! So I am going to start my first weekly postings. It’s going to be called the Monday Madness! I’ll post jokes, memes, and funny pictures. Each time I’ll try and add at least 100 words and 5 funny pictures/memes/videos! First off I’m going to give you a couple of funny knock-knock jokes to give your friends (or anyone)!





“Who’s there?”


“Tank who?”

“You’re welcome”



“Who’s there?”


“Luke who?”

“Luke through the peephole and find out!”




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Here are also a couple of super funny videos I found.

This first one is just a compilation video of little kids doing silly things! Try not to laugh, it’s a challenge! Or, just try to laugh! This is a Monday Madness after all! This is just a funny thing were kids go around doing there usually silly kid stuff.

Here is another funny video, but there are no challenges. This is in my opinion even funnier! Make sure to watch this one!!!!



Hope you enjoyed Monday Madness!! Leave in the comments your favorite parts!

Feedback on Voki’s

I loved most all the Voki’s people created! It was so fun to read/listen to all clues and figure out who they were. So far if I have found a Wreck-It-Ralph which looked like a dog so you could tell they were trying to throw you off. I also have found one that was Spiderman. It was kind of hard to find that one out because it was talking so fast. I had to ask my friends. There was also a Sherk that looked like Donald Trump. These are all really funny and some are hard and some are easy. I also found a SpongeBob that was super easy even though I have never watched it. There was one I was not so sure about though. It looked like a dog but had some pretty crazy hints. In the end I guessed it was Dwight from on “The Office”. I am not sure though. I just did one that was really hard though that my friend created and it was very hard!! It was Phil, Hercules’ side kick.


I hope you check out some of these and enjoy trying to figure out who they are!

Guest blogger – Hazel

Hello, I’m Hazel.  I’ll be writing about cats just because Audrey doesn’t like them.  I’m so evil…

I love cats.  They can be picky, but once they warm up to you they turn into adorable balls of fluff!Cats tend to be less social than pets like dogs.  They keep their circle small.  A cool fact about house cats is that they share a lot of their genetic makeup with tigers.  They have good hunting abilities, which kind of explains their love of toys!






In my opinion, cats with heterochromia (different-colored eyes) are adorable and awesome.  It just looks so cool!






Some cats can be very friendly, right off the bat.  One of my cats, Pym, is very friendly – and noisy!  She meows at you until you pet her!  My other cat, Wiley, is quite picky.  He picks one person and that’s who he likes, no one else.  Once I tried petting him, and he hissed at me!  We’re not that unfriendly now, though.  He’s wandered up to me, looking for pets, which is promising.






Cats are lovable creatures, and one of the most popular pets in the world.  They have unique personalities – and markings!  There are lots of cats who need a home, and would love to be adopted by you.  You can click here to check out some options.  Thanks for reading!

My Free Write; How To Throw The Perfect Spiral

HI! Today in my free write I want to teach you how to throw the perfect football spiral. It takes a lot of work, but there are a few key things you can practice to get the right spiral. First off, try adjusting your grip where your thumb and index finger or middle finger on the ball (depending on your hand size and the football). Speaking of which, you also want to make sure you have the right size football. For most of you it’s probably Junior or Youth. Junior is from 9 and up and is what most 7th to 8th graders play with. You also have to make sure to throw not too strong, but also not so loose or soft.


















Hope this helped, and make sure to comment if you have any more tips or if I something wrong. Thanks!


Can you; Guess What This Is!

I walked around my school and took 16 pictures. 8 close up pictures, and then 8 pictures of what it looks like zoomed out. Alright to so here is the “quiz”!





























































Alright! How do you think you did? Do you have your answers written down, or are you just going to cheat? Well, here’s the answers!


A wooden pole, not as cool, am I right?












A pin board









One of the rocks in this pile









You thought it would be a tree, didn’t you? Well, it’s a bush!









A basket








A pole/pillar outside of our school.









The carpet at our school









Last one is….!

The tree trunk of this small tree.

Guest Writer: Brinn! (Rabbits)

Today I am getting my friend, Brinn, to write about something she really enjoys. She will be writing about; rabbits!


Hello! I am Brinn an I will talk a little bit about rabbits. Rabbits are social animals like us so that means that when having a pet rabbit you should play and cuddle with the bun 10-15 a day multiple times. If that is too hard to do, then you should purchase a second rabbit to keep it company. Rabbits should also be feed lots of timothy hay and only about 1/2 a cup of food pellets. Make sure the food pellets do not have corn because corn is not very good for rabbits. Make sure you give your rabbit(s) plenty lettuce and every so often fruit like strawberries. Here is a link for the amount of food they need. Thank you for your time, and I hope you learned a little bit more about rabbits!

My Review on My School: DPMS

I love Draper Park Middle School (DPMS)! The only thing I don’t really like about the school is some of the boring teachers. There are also some really annoying and mean students. But, there are also some really nice people. I love our library and meal service. We have so many lines and it’s easy to choose something you want to eat. Our library is amazing because it’s always filled with the latest books and always has fun activities held there. For example, they have book club. This is where they cater some meals and you can win prizes, just for reading a really exciting book! This is really popular though and you have to enter a drawing to be a part of it. There are also many different types of people and you’re sure to find your friend group. In addition, there are also many fun after school clubs you can join! Overall, I would give it a solid 7. because of their amazing staff, awesome book club, and after school clubs.

A Great Gift Guide For Any Tween/Teen (10-14, Boy/Girl)

Hi! Here is my gift guide for some options on what to get your tween/teen! Now, full disclosure not all of these they may like (opinions range), but here are a few that are very highly rated. These are all on Amazon too so they are easily accessible. If you click on the photo it will take you straight to the website!


1. This is the most expensive option, but every 10-14 year old wants one. So if you get this for them they will be sooo happy! Introducing the new iPhone 11(there are newer versions, but this one is for sure the cheapest one they’ll actually enjoy) This is the only one not located on Amazon.








2. The next item is the a pet. Everyone wants a pet! Ask them their favorite animal! Then check out the website below! (If your child is interested in a dog I highly recommend this website)







3. Ok now I know we started off with expensive stuff so down to the more accessible; an art kit! No matter what your child likes, they probably like to doodle and this can be really enjoyable if they do want to become an artist!







4. A letter board! Kids can put whatever message they want.









5. A magnetic dartboard, good passing time and safe!









6. If none of this is helping, just get them a gift card! I recommend Amazon because it has pretty much everything. If you have a Target in the area though that might also be a fun occasion.







7. Any gaming devices, a computer, gamer headphones, etc.. Here is a bundle package for sale without the computer.







8. Get them some rollerblades! It’s a fun outdoor activity and something they can learn and enjoy that’s different from normal bicycle riding.









9. Get them some jeans. They are always really useful, and really easy to find some good ones!






10. Finally, last but not least if you really want to 🤯 their mind then you should get them a trip! Ask them where they want to go and take them out of school!










And 11., as a bonus my friend told me about this really great book/journal! Check it out here;

Dear Future People, COVID-19?

Honestly, at the beginning of the pandemic, things were very stressful. It felt like no one could do anything or go anywhere. Not even with a mask on. We all had to do school at home, and everyone got really bored really quick. Now though, we have a lot more freedom and things can be easier. Traveling is still really hard, but it is possible. The main thing that’s really hard is just school. Some of your friends are online and some aren’t. There are some people who don’t really believe what’s going on, and some people who do and take it very seriously. You have to make sure to stay really safe and have good hygiene. You definitely don’t get to see far away family as much. All the prices have gone up on everything it feels like. Some of your favorite businesses are gone or forced to move online.

5 Face Mask Facts for Kids - Carithers Pediatric Group

It feels like it’s been going on for forever, so sometimes you just forget about it. Then there are some things you just made into a habit like putting on a mask when you leave the house, or hand sanitizing after leaving one. It can be hard, but I hope it will end soon and that we can just forget about some of the things, but maybe keep some of the good ones that will help no matter what.